Sell With Us

We love our vendors at Pence Springs! We have a few rules and regulations that we ask you to respect while vending at the flea market. We have a lot of frequently asked questions from people wanting information about being a vendor, so we thought we would make a list for you. Have a question that you don't see below? Head on over to our Contact Us page and send it to us or just give us a call! We're happy to help.


Q: When is the market open?

A: Every Sunday April thru October (last day being the last Sunday in October)


Q: How do I reserve a site?

A: To reserve a site, you par for the month up front, which means we hold your spot until 9 AM each Sunday (this way you do not need to get there early to find a good spot). If you have not arrived by 9 AM, we assume you are not coming and open the spot for that Sunday


Q: When do shoppers begin to arrive?

A: Shopping begins at 8 AM


Q: When can vendors setup?

A: As early as 6AM


Q: How much is it to sell?

A: $10.00 per spot (one spot is the length of an average vehicle)


Q: How and when do I pay to set up and sell?

A: Pay upon entering at the gate cash only.


Q: Can I bring my dog with me?

A: Yes, however no Dobermans, Rotweillers, Pitbulls or Chows are allowed and your pet must be on a leash and you must clean up after them


Q: What can I sell?

A: This is easily answered by stating what is not allowed to be sold…No X-rated items or drug paraphernalia.


Q: Can I sell food?

A: To sell food you need prior approval. You can do this by emailing us letting us know what you want to sell to get approval.


Q: Can I find something to eat while I’m there?

A: Yes we have concessions within the market selling breakfast and lunch as well as some novelty items.